How do I know my funds are safe once I make a deposit with EntroPay?

A key area of online security is encryption, which means that any communication between you and EntroPay.com is written in a code. Therefore, as your details travel over the Internet they will appear unreadable and meaningless to anybody 'reading' in - in the unlikely event that someone was able to monitor the information traffic between you and our server, they would possess no means of comprehending it.

Once your data gets to us, it is contained behind secured networks and is only accessible to a limited number of employees with unique access rights. We ensure that 100% of each customer's balance is available for immediate withdrawal, subject to verification.

EntroPay Virtual Card numbers are generated 'on-the-fly' using hardware cryptographic devices. And yes, this is military level security. No other pre-paid card is built this way. EntroPay Accounts may only be accessed with a unique Account username and password. Your Account username and password ARE NOT stored on your computer and must be entered each time you wish to access your account. Your password is stored on our server in an encrypted format, which even EntroPay staff may not see. Therefore, in the event that you lose your password, we have no means by which to retrieve it, and hence you must properly authenticate yourself to us so that we may issue you with a new password to access your account.

For your protection, login sessions expire after 30 minutes of inactivity. We use identity verification services and real-time fraud detection measures to help protect you from unauthorized use of your accounts. We also monitor account activity for signs of unusual activity or suspicious patterns that might indicate fraud and work with collection agencies and law-enforcement agencies to address fraud issues.